About redekundig.nl
Redekundig.nl is a tool for everyone who wants (or has) to parse Dutch sentences and describe the grammatical functions and categories of the parts.

When my son learned how to parse sentences in primary school, I was inspired to create redekundig.nl. As a computational linguist, I wondered if there were tools for parsing Dutch sentences, suitable for primary and secondary school children. I knew there were scientific parsers and I found websites for practicing sentence parsing with "canned" excercises. What I did not find, was a tool that can parse sentences and describe the grammatical functions and categories of the parts - in Dutch. Redekundig.nl can, and has a simple interface intended for use by primary and secondary school children (and their teachers and parents).

Redekundig.nl is "powered by Alpino", a powerful dependency parser developed by the University of Groningen (who mention redekundig.nl in the Centre for Language and Cognition's annual report 2015.)

Please note: redekundig.nl will sometimes make mistakes, so always think about redekundig.nl's information before accepting it. Feel free to contact Veenentaal if redekundig.nl makes a mistake, or to provide other feedback w.r.t. redekundig.nl.


Redekundig.nl is a free service. Big Tech doesn't track you here. Every month, thousands of visitors parse thousands of sentences. These are not canned excercises, but your own sentences.

If you like redekundig.nl, please consider a small gift. To do this, make a bank transfer to R. van Veenendaal, IBAN NL53INGB0000872551, BIC INGBNL2A. Please mention that it is a donation or gift regarding redekundig.nl.